Dec 04 2011

Part Time Web Developer

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POSITION: Part Time Web Developer

COMPANY: World Sales Solutions, LLC ( – A global business development consulting organization with 5 full-time Drexel alumni consultants plus one year round co-op. Works with the leader in business software, SAP, and other top global organizations.

LOCATION: Newtown Square, PA

REQUIREMENTS: Web Developer with practical skills in HTML, Flash (a plus) or Slide Shows, RSS Feeds (i.e. to Twitter, Newsgate, WordPress), Business Domain e-mail enablement working with any on the market web toolkits provided from any recommended web hoster (i.e. Lycos, Wix, Google, etc.)

DUTIES: Work with the company president (a Drexel alumni) to rebuild a basic company website (with the above capabilities) and teach him (an intermediate level expert) how-to maintain it.

COMPENSATION: $20 – $30 per hour depending on experience and examples of work (note: it is anticipated that this first project will take 15 – 20 hours)

HOW TO APPLY: Contact: Rich Blumberg, President, World Sales Solutions, LLC, rich.blumberg@comcast with resume and any portfolio examples.

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