May 25 2011

Digital Media Senior Show 2011

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Bossone Research Center
Drexel University
3140 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Sunday, June 5, 2011

1:00pm – Expo in the Bossone Lobby
3:00pm – Presentations in the Mitchell Auditorium

This event is open to the public.

H5 in Wonderland is an internet-based fantasy experience built around the children’s classic Alice in Wonderland. Utilizing HTML5 and JavaScript, we created a digital world that seamlessly combines the whimsical spirit of Wonderland with the techniques learned in Digital Media. The experience is composed of goal-directed animations punctuated by mini games at each level.

Click-In is a simple sign-in system that dramatically enhances the experience of signing guests into Drexel dormitories. Replacing the old pen & paper process that exists today, Click-In creates a pain-free experience for residents, guests, and housing staff.

Bombs Away is a video game which features 3D visuals, fast-paced fun and online multiplayer. When playing Bombs Away, you can choose either PC or iPad and your experience depends on your choice. Four PC players compete as Bots vying to be the ‘Last Bot Standing’, while an iPad player takes the role of the Overseer, controlling the stage and clearing out all the Bots.

Grammar Trainer is a program designed for the iPad to teach autistic children the nuances of grammar and syntax. This is a re-design of an existing web application created by Katharine Beals, Ph.D. and Felicia Hurewitz, Ph.D.

Visualize the Past is an interactive, mobile experience aimed to help the average person visualize historical sites that no longer exist. Using a mobile device equipped for augmented reality, users will be able to see a three dimensional model of a building projected in the spot where it once stood. In addition, a mobile website will provide photographs, videos and other media to help tell the story of the building.

Anywhere But Here is a tale of two men, Horace and Krog, struggling against all odds to escape a dreary existence. Once they team up, their hopes are restored and they soar to new heights.

Mar 12 2011

2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

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ADAA 2011

Submissions Open!

The Adobe Design Achievement Awards recognize innovative students and faculty members who AMAZE the world. Finalists will receive Adobe software and a trip to Taipei, Taiwan, where they will be honored in an awards ceremony during the 2011 IDA Congress set for October, 24-26, 2011. Category winners also will receive a cash award of US$3,000.

Submit Now!

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Feb 27 2011

The Bell Brothers – 7pm March 3rd, Stein Auditorium

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The Bell Brothers, Digital Media Alumni, will be talking about Adobe Flash Development and their Webby Award Winning site on Thursday, March 3rd in the Stein Auditorium at 7:00pm.

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