Jun 05 2009

2009 DIGM Senior Show!

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WHEN: Saturday June 6th 1:30 – 5:00 pm

WHERE: Nesbitt Hall room Stein Auditorium – 33rd and Market Streets, Philadelphia PA 19104


  • Neighbors – An interactive installation that tells the story of a young girl, Ansa, living on her own and struggling with a monster that is stalking her. Installation visitors enter a cabin where they can consider clues to Ansa’s fate. Team Members: Evan Boucher, Karissa Demi, Diego Garcia, Dan King, Greg McGee, and Mark Wakeman.
  • Derivativ – A collaborative storytelling website with a social-network spin! Any member can create stories or contribute to infinitely branching existing storylines. Be part of the story, join us at Derivativ.net. Team Members: Aaron Grando, Christian Hahn, Francesco Gambino, Pavel Mamontov, Leigh Olesen, Brandon Wei. http://derivativ.net/
  • Night Shift - The External Hard Guys presents, NIGHT SHIFT, a 3D animated short film in which a janitor’s seemingly ordinary night on the job takes a turn for the extraordinary. Team members enacted every aspect of the 3D production pipeline including conceptual design, character development, modeling, rigging, animation, and visual effects. Following the screening, the team will explain conceptual challenges and technical accomplishments that shaped the production. Team members: Nick Avallone, Kevin Hoffman, David Lally, Dan Letarte, Justin Wilcott. http://www.externalhardguys.com/
  • Dragon Compass – An online, interactive Drexel University campus map. The website provides the user with customizable information including, but not limited to, Main Campus walking directions, a room locator to find even the most obscure office or classroom, additional search features, and a virtual campus tour available from anywhere on the net 24/7. Team members: Steve Benjamin, Paul Chadkin, Kyung Eim, Stephanie Gelish, Andrew Lakebrink, Chunyin Li, Chris Saxby. http://www.dragoncompass.net/
  • The Fourmation - Fourmation is a 3D, action-packed multiplayer Flash game. Using Wii technology Fourmation brings virtual reality to the home computer. Up to 4 players, 1 on each side of a cube race to complete a bridge spaning the playing field. Specially designed infrared headsets, allow players to alter their game views by simply moving their heads. Looking around corners allows players to spy on their competitors and engage in actions to thwart their efforts to advance across the game space. Team Members: Jared Weinstock, Nick Deimler, Chau Nguyen, Tom Bergamini, Todd Carpenter, Kyle McArdle. http://thefourmation.com/download/
May 11 2009

Flash advance AS3 – samples

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Straight from Adobe to your computer. Click on the “Feature” tag in the top left hand corner to view and download functional samples.


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Mar 10 2009


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Great site for advance flash tutorial with working sample files.

gotoandlearn.com – Free video tutorials by Lee Brimelow on the Flash Platform.

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