Dec 13 2011

Website Developer

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POSITION: Website Developer

COMPANY: Where’s the Fairness



DUTIES: Design and develop a website for that will enhance the description below.

About Where’s The Fairness

Wheres The Fairness is the share, care, and tell zone for anyone who has felt wronged or misled and has the courage to complain, console, counsel or report. And for us, It starts here! We believe in the hope that we can find fairness and strength in numbers by connecting with others – with those who have been wronged or those who can help – such as lawyers, journalists and consumer advocates.

This site is for users who want to make headline news. Post up….add some pics and videos, get feedback and punt your comments to others! will empower users by giving them a place to share their legal and moral grievances, seek and give opinions and connect with others who have had some of the same experiences. Log in or just sign in through facebook, its simple and free.

Consumers, contractors, spouses, divorcees, moms, dads, homeowners, plaintiffs, defendants, teachers, students and business owners…all will be served at Where’s the Fairness.

  • Marriages aren’t easy and Divorces can be even tougher – especially when your children are involved. Is your spouse alienating you from your children? Are you receiving too little support or paying too much alimony? Have you been treated unfairly in Court? Read others divorce court experiences and perhaps find a friend who has been through or is going through the same hell. Tell us your story. Send us your video and pictures… expose the unreasonable side to divorce and find fairness!
  • Don’t fall for it: Scams, frauds recalls and the latest lawsuits are detailed here. If you feel hoodwinked, file your consumer report here
  • The American Justice system is founded on fair and equitable principals… if you are a plaintiff or defendant and feel you have been treated unfairly, Where’s the

Fairness can get you the publicity you need to tell your story.

Its true, life isn’t fair. We started this site to make our world a little better, a little more fair for us, our children and the next generations. The next time you feel wronged, bullied or cheated just say it: WTF?! At

Short piece we started writing for the television show

Where’s The Fairness?! is a groundbreaking, online series that solves problems, answers questions and gives hope to millions of outraged Americans who have been wronged by the system or suffered a terrible injustice.

Where’s the Fairness?! is inspired and supported by a new and inspiring web site that connects people to experts who can help them.On every compelling webisode, we’ll meet someone with a personal story of being ripped off or treated unfairly.

  • Ever wanted to confront and lash out at the perfectly healthy person who parks in handicapped parking?
  • Did your new car turn out to be a lemon and now no one will help you?
  • Has your neighbor’s unleashed dog attacked the kids again?

These are the kinds of stories we hear about, or experience, every single day with no one to turn to – until now!!

On Where’s the Fairness?! we’ll:

  • meet the victims,
  • hear their stories,
  • connect them to an expert who can help, and watch as they work together to get answers.

Their stories and personal triumphs will create compelling television and give hope to anyone who’s ever felt cheated, wronged or abandoned.

Where’s the Fairness?! is a powerful transmedia project that will reach millions of motivated viewers and engage them for extended periods of time.When viewers are watching a WTF webisode, they can take part in relevant online polling, access additional information, interact socially with others who are watching or have similar issues or opinions, make comments or even offer to help.

Eventually, WTF will grow into an addicting cable or syndicated television series that benefits from its built in conflict, drama and human emotion.Online or “on-the-air,” the series combines the expertise of Dr. Phil, the brashness and decisiveness of Judge Judy and the confrontational style of 60 Minutes. It will become the “go to” place for powerful stories about making things right and giving all of us hope.


HOW TO APPLY: Contact Jay Ciccarone 215-380-8019. Please send resume and call to discuss project.

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Dec 04 2011

Part Time Web Developer

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POSITION: Part Time Web Developer

COMPANY: World Sales Solutions, LLC ( – A global business development consulting organization with 5 full-time Drexel alumni consultants plus one year round co-op. Works with the leader in business software, SAP, and other top global organizations.

LOCATION: Newtown Square, PA

REQUIREMENTS: Web Developer with practical skills in HTML, Flash (a plus) or Slide Shows, RSS Feeds (i.e. to Twitter, Newsgate, WordPress), Business Domain e-mail enablement working with any on the market web toolkits provided from any recommended web hoster (i.e. Lycos, Wix, Google, etc.)

DUTIES: Work with the company president (a Drexel alumni) to rebuild a basic company website (with the above capabilities) and teach him (an intermediate level expert) how-to maintain it.

COMPENSATION: $20 – $30 per hour depending on experience and examples of work (note: it is anticipated that this first project will take 15 – 20 hours)

HOW TO APPLY: Contact: Rich Blumberg, President, World Sales Solutions, LLC, rich.blumberg@comcast with resume and any portfolio examples.

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Aug 22 2011

Video Game Developer

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POSITION: Video Game Developer(s)

COMPANY: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Center for Injury Research & Prevention

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

REQUIREMENTS: We are offering 1 or more positions depending on skills sets and availability. The position will begin September 2011 and end December 2011. Experience in digital media game design required. Position open to upper-level students or bachelor-level graduates. Ability to work independently and communicate effectively regarding work scope and timelines with the team is required. We prefer someone who is creative and willing to bring new ideas to the team to further game development.

Adobe Flash position:

  • Experience using Adobe Flash to build Rich Internet Applications
  • Fluent in Flash timeline based animations
  • Experience using ActionScript 3
  • Adobe Flex experience is a plus
  • HTML
  • CSS

Graphics position:

  • Adobe CS5 Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro
  • Experience using Adobe Flash is a plus
  • HTML
  • CSS

DUTIES: The purpose of this position is to expand a psycho-educational game (“Coping Coach”) to teach children how to cope with traumatic events such as injuries, fires, or medical illnesses. The initial story line and world have been developed and built. Current developers available to transition project. Hours are flexible. Weekly team meetings are required.
COMPENSATION: $35-45/ hour depending on skills and experience. 30-35 hours/ week September 2011- December 2011. This position can be one position (including adobe flash and graphics together) or divided into 2 positions.

HOW TO APPLY: Please contact Dr. Meghan Marsac ( and provide a resume with references, portfolio and/or a demo reel, and brief description of relevant experience.

NOTE: Employer will contact me directly to confirm your qualifications before or after your interview.

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